Feminism in the Light of Patriarchal Cultural System


  • Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Kamal Urdu Department, Govt. Graduate College, Bhakkar


Patriarchal, Matriarchal, Feminist, Ecofeminism History, Man, Woman, Society, Movement, Identity


“A society ruled by a man is called a patriarchal society. Where every unit, whether it is a country or an institution or a house, is ruled by a man and his order runs. Only men have the authority to make decisions about women and men. In the system, the head of the house or family is a man who takes care of the family. Patriarchy has been written about for a long time, mostly by feminist thinkers who have written against it, calling it harmful to women in terms of gender discrimination. If we look at Arikh, we can see that women have the same rights as men in ancient Egyptian civilization. Where women were seen with respect. The people of the Sumerian civilization also respected women immensely. On the contrary, in the Assyrian civilization, women were considered to be bound to men. In ancient times, when men risked their lives hunting for wild animals and birds, women gathered grass and collected honey. In ancient times, family, tribe, and village were everything, land, herds, and all property was considered common, and sometimes women were too. That is, the status of women was not more than property. In Greek times, women did different things in the house. The first step towards trade was probably taken by women.”


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