A Comparative Analysis of "Emotions of Love" in the Fiction of Bano Qudsia and Ashfaq Ahmad


  • Iqbal Hussain MPhil Urdu Scholar, Lahore Leads University, Lahore


Ashfaq Ahmad, Bano Qudsia, Short Stories, Urdu Literature


In this Article I have presented the comparison of love in the fictions of Ashfaq Ahmed and Bano Qudsia. Generally speaking, the themes of both fiction writers are quite similar. Yes, the way of describing and presenting them is definitely different. Ashfaq Ahmed has presented love in every relationship of life. He not only describes the love of man and woman, but he also presents the love of parents and children, the love of humans and animals in his fiction. Love is also an important topic for Bano Qudsia. Love of husband and wife and the wrong attitude of man to woman is an important topic for Bano Qudsia.


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