Futurism of Akbar Illahabadi


  • Kiran Aslam Lecturer, Department of Urdu, Lahore Leads University, Lahore


Akbar Illahabadi, Futurist, Social, Cultural, Linguistic Predictions, Emerge from the present, Futurology


Akbar Illahabadi is a very well-known Urdu poet regarding his meaningful satire and humor. His insight, sensitive nature, and foresight present maps of the future that are as real today as if Akbar Illahabadi had actually seen the present era through his own eyes. The realities of a hundred years ago, described in his poetry, have come to fruition today. This suggests that Akbar Illahabadi, who was ostensibly expressing his individual views, in fact, outlined the possibilities based on collective and personal tradition and far-reaching social ambitions on the basis of deep moral boredom. It was his realistic approach and profound insight that presented to the world in the guise of poetry the conditions that would come a hundred years later and the social, cultural, linguistic, and religious possibilities. His famous poem "New Civilization" is of great importance regarding his futurism. The title of which is also given in some places as "future" which is hundred percent consistent with the theme of the poem.





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