A Critical Review of Khalid Fateh Muhammad's Fiction "Humraz"


  • Muhammad Saad Lecturer, Department of Urdu, Lahore Leads University,L ahore


Khalid Fateh Mohammad, human life, backwardness, exploitation, poverty and poverty of the human society, Life of Bedouin, hunger for sex, relation between husband and wife, “Humraaz”.


Khalid Fateh Mohammad presents all aspect of human life with great skill. Apart from this, He considers the subject of love and love to be natural and openly talks about it, however, in his thought and art, he gives more importance to the backwardness, exploitation, poverty and poverty of the human society, which shows that he is a human being in the society. Khalid Fateh Muhammad has talked the life of the people living in Jhagis (Bedouin). He has studied the lives of these people in depth and his observation reveals to the fact that for these people nothing else is important except the desire of the stomach. They only want to quench their hunger for sex and sex. Similarly, the natural passions of men and women have also been openly described and made clear that men naturally enslave women while women are independent. Further, he has also written openly on sexual pleasure and discomfort and he has adopted the position that man can go to any extent to fulfill his sexual desire.This article presented the relation between husband and wife in short story “Humraaz”.


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