Cultural consciousness in the short stories of Ghulam Abbas


  • Waheed Ahmad MPhil Urdu Scholar, Lahore Leads University, Lahore


Ghulam Abbas,Urdu Language & Literature, Fiction,Cultural Consciousness,


Literature is a place where all the thoughts and ideas of the world gather. Literature is a reflection of time and environment. It is true that no literature in the world can be separated from its environment. Every writer, author and poet intentionally or unintentionally takes influence from his environment and represents the section of society to which he belongs. Literature takes effect from human life. Literature is a reflection of life, so there are social, political, cultural, economic, artistic and aesthetic aspects in literature because these things bring literature closer to life. Ghulam Abbas has a clear social vision that dominates most of his fiction. In fact, like an actor, a person always plays his role according to his different social and family statuses in his real life. In the fictions of Ghulam Abbas, real and true images of the public life of the middle of the twentieth century are found. In the painting of the atmosphere and atmosphere, he evokes the aspects of public life with great artistic skill. Also, there is hardly any aspect in their atmosphere and imagery that is not related to objective elements.


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